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The Silent Route


an animated short film

by Merve Cirisoglu & Faisal Hossain

Written, Directed & Animated by Merve Cirisoglu

Original Story & Financing by Faisal Hossain

Produced at Animatick Creative Studio


In wartime, a young woman, with a newborn and three elderly relatives, faces obstacles at the border. Their ox-cart gets stuck near a security post. While their minds were obsessed with the possibility of being apprehended by the enemy, the magic of humanity brought out something unexpected.


Watch the Full Movie at Film Festivals!

Our full-length animated movie is currently exclusive to film festivals where it's officially selected. Catch us on the big screen at these events! Keep an eye on this page and social media channels for updates on upcoming private screenings and festival appearances.

Technical Specifications

  • Technique: 2D frame-by-frame animation

  • Production date: 1 January 2024

  • Language: Universal / No dialogue

  • Runtime: 8:30 mins.

  • Themes: Human rights, Women, Social issues, War, Migration, Violence

  • Technology: TV Paint, Photoshop, After Effects

  • Recommended age: 16+

The Silent Route depicts tragic realities through its unique visual language without exposing the sufferings. Our aim is to raise a dissenting voice emphasizing that life is worth saving everywhere and inviting the audience to embrace their innate goodness. We hope that our animated short film builds empathy by sowing seeds of kindness and compassion in everyone's hearts.

The Silent Route Poster

Stages of Animation Production

Every scene in our animation undergoes a detailed journey, from the initial rough key-framing to the final touches in compositing. The development of the first scene is showcased in the time-lapse GIF below.

The Silent Route Production Stages

Early Art Development Insights

Our initial step in the art process involved constructing 3D block outs for the sets, shaping the realistic spacing for our 2D backgrounds. This meticulous approach led to the creation of 168 detailed 2D scene layouts. Our story is brought to life with six main human characters, a cat family, and various prisoners, each crafted with distinct features. The color palette was specially chosen to echo the film's gloomy theme, ensuring a visually cohesive and atmospheric experience across all scenes.


"I just watched The Silent Route. It's unbelievably powerful. I'm deeply moved. What a beautiful message! I very much look forward to the release, so I can share with many people—women and men—who will undoubtedly appreciate the profound message, the powerful animation and the overall sense of humanity it evokes."

Faisal, University of Washington, USA

"The Silent Route has a universal message weaved into a real story of humanity for "us Vs them". In today's world where humanity's knee-jerk reaction to inhumanity is to dispense more inhumanity, bigotry for more bigotry, intolerance for more intolerance, where we are all getting baited to flaunt our worst human side and getting painted in a mutually exclusive world (of good vs evil or right vs wrong), TSR gives us pause and makes us ask "where is our humanity heading?" and that a better outcome for all is possible if we hold steadfast to our humanity against all odds."

Stefano, Cornell University, USA

"I just couldn't agree more with the final message. Unfortunately, we live in a world in which people have to be constantly reminded about the importance of kind gestures as well respect (for everybody's life), and you found a wonderful way of conveying the message!"

Ali, University of Rhode Island, USA

"What a powerful way to share the story and also recognize the sacrifices, the struggles, the kindness and the helping hands that have brought us where we are. Viva la vida!"

Kyle, iBall Basketball Academy

"Wow… Amazing!! Words not really relevant, this is so much deeper than words! The timing is very interesting... The world needs this now more than ever... This should be seen by billions of people… The whole world should be required to watch. 💯🐲🔥"

Kenzy, University of London, UK

"It was truly a masterpiece! It was really well thought out and it shed light on very important subject matters. The message your movie sent and portrayed is truly a very important message that one act of kindness can go a long way. The world needs more people like you who use their talent for the greater good and actually have an important message to send to the world!"



  • 3rd ONED Art Film Festival  |  Beijing, China & Toulouse, France  |  08.20-23.2024 (China) + 03.2024 (France)

  • 8th Women International Film Festival (WIFF)  |  Islamabad, Pakistan  |  01-06.03.2024

  • 3rd Rendacon Animation Film Festival  |  Lagos, Nigeria  |  6-7.03.2024

  • 23rd MONSTRA Lisbon Animation Festival  |  Lisbon, Portugal  |  7-17.03.2024

  • 6th In Short, Europe: Best of Best Film Festival  |  London - Glasgow, UK  |  26-28.04.2024

  • 3rd Itabaiana International Film Festival  |  Sergipe, Brazil  |  30.04-05.05.2024

  • 12th FERFILM International Film Festival  |  Ferizaj, Kosovo  |  02-06.05.2024

  • International Turan Film Festival  |  Izmir, Turkey  |  02-03.05.2024

  • 2nd CINE RO – Rondônia Film Festival  |  Rondonia, Brazil  |  03-11.05.2024

  • Sound & Vision Short Film Night  |  London, UK  |  08.05.2024

  • 15th Sinepark Short Film Festival  |  Istanbul, Turkey  |  13-18.05.2024

  • Islamabad International Film Festival  |  Islamabad, Pakistan & Istanbul, Turkey  |  09-12.05.2024

  • 3rd The Movies Plus Film Festival  |  Pennsylvania, US  |  08-09.06.2024

  • 17th Ibero-American Animated Film Festival - Baixada Animada 2024  |  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  |  05.09-31.10.202


  • Yunus Emre Institute  |  London, UK  |  07.03.2024

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