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an animated song for children

Produced and Designed by Merve Cirisoglu
Lyrics by Elizabeth Lymer 
Music Arrangement by Oliver Wegmuller

Grace and Kindness, an animated song for children, features thoughtful lyrics and soothing animation that explore themes of love, compassion, and care, drawing inspiration from the natural world and the bonds within families.

Technical Specifications

  • Technique: 2D cut-out animation

  • Language: English

  • Runtime: 2:50 mins

  • Genre: Animated song / Music video

  • Themes: Love, Compassion, Care, Nature

  • Technology: Photoshop, After Effects

  • Recommended age: 6+

The animation offers a serene visual experience, echoing the song's message of universal grace and kindness across various scenes: in the air, on the ground, and on the sea. It is crafted to gently resonate with the sensibilities of young audiences.

Grace and Kindness

Grace and kindness in the air.
See compassion everywhere.
Find it on the boughs of trees:
birds build homes for families,
and they bring home food to share.        
See light, goodness everywhere.

Grace and kindness on the ground.
Feel attachment all around.
Mother cat purrs in her bed.
to her kittens, washed and fed,
while they're blind and deaf to sound.
Feel snug, softness all around.

Grace and kindness on the sea.
Join love universally.        
Linking paws, sea otters float, 
mother makes herself a boat, 
letting pup ride carelessly.        
Join close universally.

Grace and kindness from Allah.
He sends love each place we are.
Parents feed their babes at night,
soothe them gently, hug them tight.
glow affection, like a star.
Be the bright, warm souls we are.  

The Art of Grace and Kindness

Grace and Kindness captivates young audiences with scenes rich in detail, designed to foster a deeper appreciation for the world's varied beauties. This animated song not only entertains but also educates, raising awareness among children about their surroundings.

The animation employs characters and assets crafted specifically for limited animation in Adobe After Effects, striking a balance between artistic quality and budgetary efficiency. This approach ensures that the project remains cost-effective while still delivering a visually engaging experience. The thoughtful use of resources in "Grace and Kindness" highlights the creative potential within budget constraints, offering a visually appealing and meaningful experience to children.

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