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Animatick Arts is a London-based independent studio, with a focus on producing 2D animated stories and educational creative projects for children, directed by Merve Cirisoglu.

Merve Cirisoglu is an award-winning animation director, producer, writer and senior artist, who is passionate about creating inventive productions. The animations she directed and animated have been screened in more than 250 international film festivals, won 45 prizes, broadcasted in TV channels and on streaming platforms, and hit more than 19 M views on social media. 

She was recognised by the United Nations and invited as the top filmmaker to present her movie about the story of refugee children at the UN Headquarters. She is the author of a children's book about peace, published and distributed in Turkey. In addition to her professional journey, she has been volunteering for disadvantaged children since 2011 and leading thousands of volunteers. She is the founder and chairman of Iyilikhane Association for Children whose activities were featured in national and international media and awarded with a "Courage Award", a "Communicator Award" and an "International Kindness Award". She shared the background stories of her animated shorts on the TEDx stage and at several film festivals in the UK, Greece, Pakistan, Georgia, Turkey and Spain. 

She holds an MA in Animation from the University of the Arts London with Distinction and BA in Education from Bogazici University with Honors Degree. She loves to blend her art and education background to tell engaging and educative stories with memorable characters and also to use her teaching skills in the field of production. She strives to explore and develop her expertise as an artist and leader each day and hopes to create unique productions that speak to everyone's hearts.

Her core responsibilities over the past projects include
• Directing and producing the projects by working in collaboration with the team of animators and designers,
• Designing the visual direction of the projects as per the clients' requirements,
• Developing the stories and scriptwriting,
• Conceptualizing the projects and creating storyboards,
• Supervising background design, animation and music design teams and ensuring coherency and consistency,
• Designing a brand identity for the clients and their projects,
• Managing the projects from concept to completion by ensuring the final designs meet the expected quality and performance standards,
• Finding cost-effective solutions to technical and visual issues,
• Running animation and illustration workshops for kids and adults and teaching them the basics of animation,
• Making the production team and establishing economic work schedule and risk management.

Directing • Producing • Managing multiple projects • Storyboarding • Supervising • 2D Animation • Conceptualizing • Art & Design • Editing • Teaching

Main Awards 
Top Filmmaker • Grand Prize • Best International Short Film • Special Prize • International Kindness Award • Best Animation • Jury Award • Winning Short Film • Honorable Mention • Courage Prize


Professional Highlights
• Animation Director • Scriptwriter • Supervisor • Concept Designer • Character Designer of the animated series of the children’s song album of Yusuf/ Cat Stevens, I Look I See.

• Writer • Character Designer • Storyboard Revisionist of the animated promotional video of IGA Istanbul Airport.

• Production Manager • Concept Designer • Animation Supervisor of an unannounced project of YIF

• Director • Producer • Scriptwriter • Concept Designer • Music & Vocal Supervisor • Production Manager • Animation Supervisor • Character Designer • Storyboard Revisionist of the animated series, which will be released soon.

• Director • Producer • Scriptwriter • Concept Designer • Production Manager • Supervisor • Animator • Character Designer • Storyboard Revisionist • Layout Designer of the narrative animated short, which will be released soon.

• Director • Producer • Scriptwriter • Storyboard Revisionist • Concept Designer  Production Manager • Animator • Editor • Character Designer of the narrative animated short, “The Box” (2016), which was awarded 45 prizes including “Best Animation”, was officially selected by 252 international film festivals.

• Director • Producer • Concept Designer • Production Supervisor • Character Designer • Story Writer of the animated music video, “Ramadan Moon” (2019), which was broadcasted on the TV channels, and hit more than 14 M views on YouTube.

• Author of the children’s book “Karton Kutu (The Box)” published and distributed in Turkey.

Personal Skills

• Passion for animation direction and creative production.

• Extremely organised & motivated & collaborative.

• Having strong attention to detail.

• Ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines.

• Having critical thinking and analytical skills.

• Responsible & adaptable.

• Diverse skillset & keen to learn new industry-specific skills.

Published children's book in Turkish, Karton Kutu (The Box)

Available to buy in bookstores and online bookshops


TEDxReset Talk | 2017 | "Do Something Beautiful / Bir Şey Yap, Güzel Olsun"

Merve Cirisoglu shared the background stories of her animations and her motivations on the TEDx stage in 2017.


As featured in...

• Featured in Unsung Archives, a platform based in Portugal that connects inspiring stories with worthy causes through the creativity of artists and storytellers.

• Featured in Star (a high circulation Turkish newspaper) in 2019 talking about using animation as a tool to spread goodness. 

• Featured in Sade Soda Magazine (Turkish) in 2018 talking about the motivation behind the Bookmark Project as a story of active kindness. 

• Featured in Nihayet Magazine, which combines the voices of the East and the West with unique content, (Turkish) in 2018 talking about the background story of The Box.

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